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Unraid Docker Template

Support for third-party UnRAID images

As with any software, image variants built by third-parties come in many shapes and sizes.

Please be advised if you are using an unraid template that does not use our official image we will not be able to provide you support. We can only support Arcadia images where we are familiar with the environment.

Install from Community App Marketplace

For a easy installation it is recommended to use Community Applications to install software like crafty on UnRaid.

  1. Go to Apps and search for "Crafty"
  2. Select Crafty-4
  3. Install the docker template to your unraid server

Path and port mapping

Volume Mounts

When referring to file system locations in a containered Crafty instance, don't use host pathing as that wont exist in the container, please refer to the corresponding container location below:

Unraid location Container location Usage
/mnt/user/appdata/crafty-4/backups /crafty/backups Storage for Server backups
/mnt/user/appdata/crafty-4/logs /crafty/logs Storage for Crafty logs
/mnt/user/appdata/crafty-4/servers /crafty/servers Storage for Imported/Built Servers
/mnt/user/appdata/crafty-4/config /crafty/app/config Storage for Crafty's config and database files
/mnt/user/appdata/crafty-4/imports /crafty/import Where you will drop server zips/directories for crafty to import


Crafty will require various ports to be exposed to be able to be accessible.

The following is a list of the ports that are required:

Port Requirement
8443 Required for Panel Access
8123 Required for Dynmap(Optional)
19132/udp Required for Bedrock Minecraft Server
25500-25600 Required Port range for Minecraft servers
  • Ports for Minecraft servers to connect to (should always be 100 in total, because the amount of ports used by docker containers can not be dynamically adjusted)

  • Dynmap Port conflicts [8123]
    This is frequently conflicting with Home Assistant, it is recommended to be changed only if needed


Excellent, by this point you should have successfully stood up your crafty instance!
Great work, You're ready to proceed to the next step 🎉
How to access the dashboard